Gordes Zeolite, the owner of brands “Patimax” and “Cool&Clean” is the mining division of the Turkish conglomerate Ozturk Group and extracts one of the purest forms of zeolite clinoptilolite (natural mineral) from its own huge geological reserves – the largest in the world! It is the first Turkish mining company to have been awarded the right to supply commercially coded products that meet all the terms and conditions of the European Union regulations.


WE EXTRACT THE BEST MINERALS with minimum impact approach while ensuring the sustainability of the ecosystem in our fields of activity in line with environmental protection standards.

WE DEVELOP THE FINEST LITTERS with new or different characteristics that offers new or additional benefits as an obligation to satisfy our customers while ensuring that our litters are produced in compliance with human and animal health.

WE PRODUCE THE BEST PERFORMING CAT LITTERS using a wide variety of exclusive industrial technologies and production methods in our work processes while fully complying with international safety legislations.

WE PROVIDE LOGISTICS SUPPORT of outstanding quality and operational excellence to our customers from the source to the final destination with maintaining a constant ambition to offer the best appropriate, cost-effective solutions.

WE CARE FOR YOUR NEEDS and we are well placed to provide long-term solutions to our customers by actively listening and responding to them while putting them at the centre of our operations.