Provides exceptional odour control due to its zeolite-enhanced formula. Prevents the formation of bacteria and therefore eliminates bad smells in your cat litter tray. Eliminates the smell of Ammonia and also emits a pleasant scent. It is completely natural and does not harm your cat.


If the cat litter tray is empty, then spread 100 g of the Litter Deodorizer in bottom and cover with normal litter. Every 2 weeks, spread 50 g on top. If the cat litter tray is already filled, then spread 75 g over the litter and mix it to a depth of 2-3 cm. Before use, make sure the cat litter is not damp from urine and does not have any clumps on its surface. The product must be applied onto a clean and dry surface.

Warning: Store in a safe place. Protect from direct sunlight and moisture. Make sure the package is sealed after use.