100% Natural Content

It’s a 100% natural and pure cat litter consists of Zeolite mineral where all the characteristics that form an ideal cat litter. As a natural mineral, it is free from any chemical substances that may be harmful to you and your cat.

High Liquid Absorption Power

The molecular structure of Zeolite mineral able to absorb very high amounts of liquid and odour (especially from ammonia) in a very short time. It stays perfectly dry (completley absorbs liquid within seconds) even after long periods of use, and provides your cat with a healthy and hygienic toilet environment.

Safe & Hygienic

It’s not toxic and is in fact able to absorb harmful substances and lock them in safely. This is how it prevents germs from breeding in the home. If it is swallowed by your cat accidentally, it will not have any harmful effects on your cat’s metabolism. In fact zeolite is also used in agricultural animal feed products to remove toxins and heavy metals from the digestive systems of animals. By doing this it improves their health and significantly increases their survival rate.


When you need to get rid of the litter you can use the waste litter to improve the soil in your garden. Zeolite is also used in agriculture to dramatically increase crops. It regulates the soil, traps toxins and heavy metals, and helps plants to grow more.


Depending on the depth of your cat litter tray, fill it with up to 5 to 7 cm of this product.

Remove the solid waste from the tray, using o trowel, on a daily basis.

Shuffle the litter with a scoop for homogenized absorption

Once a week empty the litter tray and disinfect it

Once a month, empty the litter tray and disinfect it..

Once a week replace the litter with fresh one